About Us

We’re an insurance agency that helps our clients in finding affordable insurance solutions. We've got you covered.

Our Mission Is Our Purpose

Our mission statement at LMS describes our purpose and why we do what we do. With this, we can communicate who we are, what we do, and what we stand for as an organization.

The core of our organization is empowering people to live their dreams. We are vitally committed to customer service, quality training, and year-round accessibility. In every aspect of our business, we are dedicated to impeccable services. Our company is devoted to inspiring our employees to take ownership in their work. In doing so, they become more committed, more motivated, and more engaged within the company.

Help When You Need It

Have a question? Feel free to contact us anytime! The LMS support team is here to help assist you with any questions that you may have. Support is available via email or phone.

Affordable Pricing

Our job here at LMS is for you to pay less whether it’s an insurance policy or other services we offer. We will always find the best coverage that fits your needs and budget. 

Experts Here To Guide You

We will understand your needs and help you get the best policy at a good price. After all, the best insurance agent helps combine the often times complicated insurance world with your world to help you understand the policy you’re investing in.
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Why should you choose us?

We’re not just a business that sells insurance, but we make sure you’re getting the best deal whether it’s your first time shopping for an insurance policy or looking around for a new one. We look out for our customers.

We Listen To You

Back in 1995, we started off selling one type of insurance. Over time, we’ve listened to our customers and expanded to provide a diverse list of insurance providers to help you find the best insurance rate that fits your needs.

Begins And Ends With You

There are a zillion insurance companies out there, but what makes us stand above the rest is our focus is on you, the customer. Our goal as a company is to satisfy our client’s needs and improve our services to guarantee you customer satisfaction.

Family Of Experts

After many years of perfecting our services, LMS knows insurance is about the people, not just another policy number. You, as our customer, will always receive the same expert and friendly service from any one of our qualified agents.

Innovation is Our Middle Name

We continuously strive to find better ways to serve our customers and provide affordable insurance rates. We look out for you and your loved ones by improving our services and performance in order to meet the needs and expectations of our customers.

We are cost-concious and savvy when it comes to anything insurance…

In 1995, the founder of LMS, Sam Paiz, established an insurance company that we know of today—LMS Insurance Agency. Our mission was to provide the community an opportunity to choose which type of insurance policies best fit their needs at affordable prices. Get to know us better by learning about our core values or seeing what we’ve accomplished over the years by checking out our history.

Get insurance to protect the things you love!

We’d love to hear from you to discuss an insurance policy that will best fit in your price range and insurance needs.