Term Life Insurance

This type of insurance policy is best for those with specific expenses. If you’re looking for an insurance policy with a specific time frame, this plan is probably your best option. Being the most affordable of the life insurance policies we offer, you get the most out of your money.

How It Works


Term life insurance is one of the most straightforward and affordable life insurance policies. For a “term,” you generally pay premiums on a monthly or annual basis. We offer a variety of affordable term life insurance products with your specific time frame, budget, and needs in mind.


    •     Get valuable coverage at an affordable price


    •     Provide for your family’s loss of income in case of the premature death of the breadwinner


  •     Help cover financial responsibilities like a mortgage and college expenses


  •     Cover funeral costs and other family expenses


When It’s Best To Get It


Term life insurance policies are available for ages 18-80. You can choose to have your policy last from set term lengths with the most common being 10, 15, 20, 30 years and the payout is usually $100,000+. Your payments and benefit are fixed—meaning that neither will change or fluctuate during your term length.


This certain life insurance policy is right for those with specific time frames in mind like paying off a 30-year mortgage or for your kid’s future college expenses that will start in the next 18 years. If your expenses are in order and you are more worried about your larger expenses, term insurance might be the right policy for you. However, if you’re looking for a plan that lasts your entire lifetime, permanent life insurance might be a better fit for you.


Keep in mind though that rates for term life insurance is more affordable when you’re younger, and rates can increase as you get older. So the sooner you request a quote, the more affordable your rates may be.


Get A Quote And Compare Rates


We partner with leading insurance companies to provide you with the most affordable rates on the market. We will show you a few different policy options and estimated rates. From there, you can continue with the company that’s best fits you.


Depending upon the kind of coverage you get, a medical exam may be required to secure the best rate. See what other life insurance policies we have to offer.